Friday, February 03, 2006

Women's Ministries Unlimited - Fresh Vision

In 2003, the national office introduced Women's Ministries— Unlimited! to emphasize the unlimited opportunities open to women for ministry in their local churches and communities.

Unlimited Passion —We must have passionate hearts to see women discover their God-given gifts and find their place of ministry within the body of Christ. Without passion in our message, women will not develop spiritually and their needs will go unmet.

Unlimited Mission —The mission of your local Women's Ministries should be to reach women, disciple them and help bring wholeness and balance to their lives. By providing an atmosphere for women to strengthen their gifts and by training them to find their place of ministry, women can successfully touch their world for Christ. The most effective way to reach women is at the local church level.

Unlimited Ministry Groups —Many women today do not have the time or the interest to spend time at "just another meeting." We must reach out to women at their point of need. Local Women's Ministries can do this by offering many Ministry Groups.Take a moment to observe the women in your church. You will likely notice women sitting alone, women sitting with their husbands and children, women sitting with friends, and women in the choir or worship team. You will see women of all ages from many different backgrounds. Some are single and some are married. Others are widowed or divorced. Within the mix, you may notice businesswomen, college students, professionals, homemakers, politicians and retirees. One generalized group meeting will not meet the need of every woman. But every one of them shares a common need: to personally know and be known by the Master.

Unlimited Opportunities —Women's Ministries— Unlimited! emphasizes the unlimited ministry opportunities available for women. Whether next door or around the world, the needs of present-day humanity are overwhelming. God desires that women understand who He is and what He can do through their lives as they are yielded to Him.

Dream of how the Lord can use you. Never think your gifts are insignificant or unusable. J.A. McDonald said, "To be permitted to do anything for God is an unspeakable honor."

Women's Ministries is an opportunity for the local church to touch the lives of women by the power of Jesus Christ through outreach, ministry and discipleship.

Our hope is that you will catch a fresh vision. With the help of the Holy Spirit, may you be encouraged to step out and share the hope of the gospel in a more profound way.

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